Zonal meet millfield 2014 gmc

zonal meet millfield 2014 gmc

Millfield Prep Newsletter ○ Issue ○ 5 December Page 2. HOME. Scrooge . an amazing experience to meet people who had attended the school and .. the Zonal Schools Competition in. January. Two of our. Lakes program. Sec. Cooperative agreements. Sec. and, if the Secretary determines that the plan meets the evaluation and design Federal assistance made available under the rural enterprise zone program of the a well field near Chauncey, Ohio, to a water treatment plant near Millfield, Ohio. Public Meeting of the NHS Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group Governing Body .. 3pm on 26 November at the Millfield Centre.

Free spectator entry Entry information will be sent to Club Secretaries, viaon receipt of entries and correct fees. As many heats as possible will be run in the time available for the Meet.

zonal meet millfield 2014 gmc

The promoters reserve the right to amend the number of heats in each event depending on entry numbers. There are lower qualifying times on all events to reflect the level of the meet. As soon as possible after the closing date, club list sheets will be ed to club secretary for accepted entries, together with any information in respect of entries not accepted. All refunds will be made en block to the club submitting the entries, these will be sent by post or available for collection by Clubs on the day.

There will be no refunds for withdrawals after the closing date.


Ages will be as at 24 th April Swim Meet entries may be managed by computer. By submitting entries, consent is thereby given, as required under the data Protection Act ofto the holding of personal information on a computer.

zonal meet millfield 2014 gmc

Personal data, including submitted and recorded times, may be made public during the meet. Heats will be pre seeded. Swimmers do not need to sign in.

Somerset ASA - Officials

The organizers reserve the right to amend the running order of the events and to add non-scoring swimmers at their sole discretion should it become necessary. If time permits the organisers reserve the right to accept Deck Entries on the day however these swimmers will be entered as Time Trials only. All entries, including Deck Entries, must comply with the minimum entry times for this Level 1 meet. Entries will be seeded into heats from submitted times, these will be seeded before the event, where swimmers have withdrawn the lane will be left empty.

Slowest heats will be swum first. All heats will be placed in spearhead formation. Awards will be made to the top boy and top girl swimmer using a points system based on swimmers achieving 1 st to 8 th places in each event.

Indeed, a number of our young volunteers take the J1 course. This might either be for groups of people from different clubs or when numbers are large enough for a single club.

To ensure viable numbers, especially in the smaller Counties, the Coordinators might invite all the clubs in their county to recruit others to attend a course on pre arranged dates several times a year.

The Coordinators arrange for approved course tutors to lead every course. To complete every qualification requires theory and, most importantly, mentored poolside practice before final poolside assessments.

zonal meet millfield 2014 gmc

The Officials Exam Framework changed to allow for more practical and assessment based awards. A licensing system was introduced, and has been a requirement since for all officials at our County Swimming Championships.

The CPD module "Refereeing Swimming — A Beginners Guide", has been designed to provide support and guidance for officials who may be requested to perform the duty of a Referee for small or local run competitions. Please note that completion of this module will not qualify you as a referee but you will achieve the following learning outcomes: Recognise and identify the duties of a referee at a swimming competition with regard to: Please note the future costs of referee training eg entry fees, travel and resource costs will be met by Swim England South West.


Swim England South West need Licensed Officials to support their events, in particular the Regional swimming competitions. Without sufficient help, these Meet licenses will be at risk and times not be valid for National Events. Please email swofficialssecretary gmail.

zonal meet millfield 2014 gmc