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Jun 11, Licensed to National Scholastic Sports Fdn OfficeUse HY-TEK's Meet Manager 6/ 11/ 41 Jimmy Zignorski 18 Sparta, NJ Event 20 Girls Meter . # Jordyn Reid 20 4) # Skyler Davis 19 25 Muskego Tc-Wi 'A' 1) # Spencer Reichart 19 2) # Justin Kotarak 18 3) # RJ. Orphaned and adopted by a vampire family, Alex meets her mate too young and is . When Spencer wakes up in the hospital, with Toby by her side and no .. - Oliver Q./Arrow/Green Arrow, Tommy M., John D./Spartan, Felicity S./ Overwatch 47 - Updated: Apr 1, - Published: Jan 19, - S. Reid, Maeve. May 17, Rated: Fiction T - English - Suspense - S. Reid, Maeve - Chapters: 2 - Words: Reid: "Sparta must be regarded as the first völkisch state. still waiting for the first couple of victims to reach a point where they can take a team had no knowledge of Spencer's condition and that he didn't want them to know.

The exposure of the sick, weak, deformed children, in short, their destruction, was more decent and in truth a thousand times more human than the wretched insanity of our day which preserves the most pathological subject.

He had no idea that what he'd passed off as a mosquito or an over active nerve on the back of his neck, had actually been a needle prick. And he was certainly unaware of the fatal poison it carried. No, he just jogged pleasantly down the dusky streets of DC, back toward the Metro Police Headquarters, a large bag of Indian takeout food in hand. As he walked across the final crosswalk before his destination, he looked back for a split second and he could have sworn he saw his father.

The old man was shorter than his son, and over twice as wide, he stood only 5'4 to Adam's 5'9. His olive-toned skin was weathered by a youth, now long past, spent in hard manual labor, and his once raven black hair was now turning gray and receding. He shook his head and went inside. At the BAU, the team had gathered once again in the round table conference room. As they sat down they all exchanged looks of worry and confusion as to why they'd been called back in. Garcia grabbed the remote.

There's this weird genetic thing that all the victims have in common. Gross, really hoping that name was meant to refer to the bird and not the adjective, attempted to explain it to me and he made me realize that I should have paid much more attention in biology; that aside, what I did manage to glean from that conversation was that whatever this toxin is, has taken the medical issues associated with the gene mutation and forced them to an extreme that shouldn't even be medically possible.

Have they found any needle marks? We need to find out who, how, and why, and we need to do it fast. We'll start at the hospital, interview the victims if we can and learn exactly how this works so that we can figure out the Unsub's MO. Maeve was running on auto-pilot as she stormed down the hall toward the front lobby of the hospital.

She had to, to save herself from a breakdown so that she could keep doing her job. This was an absolute nightmare… not only were eight people in her team's care who had come in on death's door, but the man she loved was unknowingly in danger of joining them and so far she didn't know if or how she could protect him.

She knew that he, and his team, were on their way there to try and find out who was doing this, how, and why. Maeve also knew that as of yet, the team had no knowledge of Spencer's condition and that he didn't want them to know. She hoped desperately that being there would keep him safe and not be the reason that he too, was poisoned.

She looked up to see her teammate, Ethan, standing there. He was nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other, his jet black afro bouncing as he did so. His large, dark eyes begged her not to snap at him, unfortunately, on this particular night, his puppy-dog look had the opposite to its intended effect. Maeve glared back at him with a look that said: What do you want?

A medal or something? Ethan we're kind of in the middle of a crisis here!

Dr. Reid and Meave

Needing all hands on deck is putting it mildly, like describing a tiger, who's already tasted human blood, as a fluffy little kitten; two heads are better than one… Go help him. He frowned and took off running toward the lab. She knew that she was being too harsh with him, she just… didn't have a lot of patience right now. She stole a worried look at Spencer as covertly as possible.

He returned her look of concern with one of reassurance. They followed her to a 10X10 foot room with white walls, brown carpet, a couch against the wall to the right of the door, and an extremely cluttered desk on the opposite side of the room with a dry erase board hanging behind it. Reid glared at him and elbowed him in the side. Morgan looked from her to Reid and back, clearly wondering how she got along with the neat freak and mild germophobe and vice versa. A woman in her late forties with shoulder length red hair, wearing red scrubs and a white lab coat stood behind Maeve's desk watching the exchange, waiting.

Maeve turned to face her and took a step further into the room. Megan Hunt, Megan is a neurologist by specialty so I've asked her to join us and help me explain. It stands for Cobalt-Thyonate Hypoplasia. It's a rare, inherited medical condition that effects the central nervous system, the brain itself, in particular. Onset of CH tends to happen in one's late twenties to early thirties.

Cobalt-thyonate is a naturally occurring chemical produced and stored in two glands just below the skull on either side of the spinal cord. It serves as a crucial control mechanism against inflammation and swelling of brain tissue.

When you get hit on the head, don't get enough sleep… basically anything that could cause a headache, cobalt-thyonate is released and travels along specialized veins that carry it across the blood-brain barrier to where it's needed. The hypothalamus sends out signals to these glands, one that tells them to produce it and another that tells them when and how much of it to release into the brain.

In people with CH, at the time of onset the neuro-pathway that carries the production signal is destroyed but the path for the release signal is left intact. Once that happens the person starts to experience headaches much more frequently and persistently than normal. This is what we call level one, throughout levels two and three the pain intensifies, usually also causing insomnia which only serves to exacerbate the situation, eventually the headaches become full-fledged migraines with sensitivity to light and sound, this only gets worse until we move to level four, this is where the seizures happen.

The brain is so swollen and starved for cobalt-thyonate that in a desperate, and fruitless attempt to push the signal through, it over-stimulates itself and thus… a seizure, once they reach this point it can take as little as an hour for them to start to stroke.

As long as the patients take it continuously and they're getting the right dosage, they shouldn't even feel any symptoms. All the victims were on the medication, that's why we know this didn't just happen naturally. Even if they had all stopped taking the meds, it would still take a minimum of 18 months for things to progress this far. The dosage for this is dependent not just on height and weight but also on several environmental factors that vary from person to person and are in constant flux.

As a result each patient sees their neurologist every six months to ensure that the dose they're getting is still accurate and make adjustments if need be. She had been avoiding making eye contact with Reid since he'd arrived. The doctor in her, and the friend of Maeve's, wanted to examine him with her eyes, searching for even the slightest sign that his levels were dropping faster than normal.

Obviously she'd intervene if that actually happened, she'd have to… but on Maeve's request, which Megan had the distinct impression was actually his request, she'd help him keep his team in the dark, not even giving the slightest clue that they'd ever met before tonight.

They'd cross that bridge if and when they came to it. His cellphone is apparently turned off, I was about to try his extension at the police station. It was almost eleven o'clock at night and yet he'd resorted to putting his sun glasses back on in an effort to shield himself from the florescent lights above and the glow of his computer screen without having to bother anyone.

They helped with the light, but not the noise, or the pain in his head. On one level, it was a persistent, throbbing ache which, at first, he'd chalked up to his body not being very happy with him for working this long while at the same time trying to cut back on the espresso.

But then there was the more pointed, stinging pain, like someone was driving a chisel into four points on his skull.

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He rummaged desperately through his desk, searching for his medication, he had no idea why it was happening or how, but he knew that this pain could only be caused by one thing. Only, there was a new symptom now, which he had never felt before, he was hotter than hot, everywhere the lights, or even the chair in which he sat, touched his skin or rubbed up against his body, hurt like he'd been sunburned there, badly, which only further confused him because…he didn't burn… he was ninety-eight percent Greek, the other two percent was Italian, his skin didn't burn, he just got darker.

Oh great… now I'm not even thinking straight… come on…. Focus… His instincts told him that the cool night air would help, so he stood up, and walked outside. Megan dialed the number from Maeve's office phone… "Hi you've reached Detective Costello's desk… I'm not here right now. Leave me a detailed message and I'll hit you back just as soon as I can.

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