Mane 6 meet their human counterparts lyrics

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mane 6 meet their human counterparts lyrics

John De Lancie as Q the human/Discord the dragon. Mane 6: From: lyrics/My- Little-Pony-Equestria-Girls/My-Little-Pony-Equestria-Girls. The Mane 6 meet the huMane. What happens when. AJ meets human AJ? same for every single one of them. Imagine Rarity and human Rarity. Twilight and the other ponies meet the Equestria Girls and she thanks them their good byes to Equestria's "Mane 6", plus Starlight Glimmer!!!.

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The counterparts of Friendship Is Magic characters which had their toys released but did not make appearance in any of tie-in media include Queen Chrysalis, Sapphire Shores and Zecora. Original characters[ edit ] Sunset Shimmer — Introduced in the first lineup, Sunset is a unicorn from Equestria who resides in the alternative universe as a student at Canterlot High.

In the films, the character is depicted to be a renegade student of Princess Celestia's who was once corrupted but is later reformed. She is the main antagonist of the first film, where she is the school bully of Canterlot High School. She briefly returns to Equestria through an enchanted mirror portal to steal the Element of Magic, prompting Twilight and Spike to follow her into the human world.

Twilight manages to defeat her alongside the human counterparts of her Equestria friends, Sunset befriends them. The second film Rainbow Rocks focuses on her efforts to redeem herself and fit in among the student body.

Although doubtful due to the manipulations of the Dazzlings, Sunset finally puts her past behind her and completes her redemption.

In the third film Friendship Gamesshe is now the protagonist, and she helps to save Twilight's own counterpart from magical corruption. She is the followup guitarist and backup singer of the Rainbooms. Sunset did not become a main character until the second draft of the script for the Rainbow Rocks film. The character appears in all Equestria Girls films, being depicted as Sunset Shimmer's ex-boyfriend who takes a romantic interest in Twilight Sparkle.

His counterpart in Equestria, a royal pegasus guard at the Crystal Empire, also appears in the first film, and has brief appearances in Friendship Is Magic. Both versions are voiced by Vincent Tong in all appearances.

The Dazzlings — The Dazzlings are a "villainous band" of sirens introduced in the Rainbow Rocks lineup. In the Rainbow Rocks film, the trio serves as the antagonists, being banished from Equestria and aiming to control the residents of the parallel world through their enchanted singing.

Principal Abacus Cinch — Cinch appears in most of Friendship Games media including the film as the main antagonist, but no toy of this character has been released as of She is portrayed as the strict principal of Crystal Prep Academy, a prestigious school that rivals Canterlot High School, and is obsessed with maintaining her school's reputation by manipulating her prized student, the alternative universe counterpart of Twilight Sparkle.

She is voiced by Iris Quinn in the film. In out-of-the-show aspect, their name is shared with Nightmare Moon's illusion based on the Wonderbolts flight squad from the latter part of Friendship Is Magic pilot. In the film and other tie-in media, she is depicted as the main antagonist behind the damages at the camp, and, by magic, she eventually transforms into a creature named Gaea Everfree.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls

The character appears in the Legend of Everfree film and other tie-in media, but no toy of him has been released as of October He is voiced by Brian Doe in the film. Juniper Montage - Juniper Montage is the main antagonist of the Equestria Girls miniseriesappearing in episodes two and three, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic, respectively.

In Movie Magic, she sabotages her uncle's movie production in the hopes of being cast as the lead actress. In Mirror Magic, she finds an enchanted mirror that corrupts her into a monster. A toy of her was released in late August Twilight opens it and discovers Sunset's call for help.

Twilight determines from Sunset's warning that the Dazzlings are actually Equestrian sirens. Long ago, the sirens used their eerie songs to turn ponies against one another and fed on the negative energy from their hatred and distrust, which made them powerful enough to control minds. But before they could conquer Equestria with their magic, Star Swirl the Bearded banished them to another world—the world where Sunset Shimmer now lives with the human counterparts of Twilight's Ponyville friends.

Twilight wishes to go and help her human friends, but the Crystal Mirror 's closure prevents her from doing so. Pinkie Pie proposes that the same magic that allows Sunset Shimmer to send messages from the human world to Equestria should allow the portal to be opened.

mane 6 meet their human counterparts lyrics

With a bunch of mechanical parts, and using the book as a battery, Twilight is able to energize and reopen the portal. Her friends want to accompany her, but Twilight tells them they can't because it would be confusing to have two copies of her friends in the same place.

Spike can still go along, however, and he and Twilight soon charge into the portal. Return to Canterlot High She's back!

Back at the school, Rainbow starts to lose hope that Twilight will come, when Twilight and Spike suddenly shoot out of the portal.

mane 6 meet their human counterparts lyrics

Her human friends meet her in a group hug. Cake 's Sweet Shoppe, the friends all catch up, with Spike revealing Twilight's new status as the Princess of Friendship. Once Twilight learns of what they're up against, she comes up with a plan to ambush the Dazzlings at the pre-Battle of the Bands party being held in the school gym.

At the band meetup, Twilight bumps into Flash Sentry and stammers in his presence. Once the Dazzlings arrive, Twilight and her friends declare their evil plans finished and attempt to stop them with a magic of friendship attack.

However, nothing happens, allowing the Dazzlings to feed on even more of the competitors' negativity.

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Having humiliated themselves, Twilight and her friends excuse themselves, but the Dazzlings decide to keep an eye on them, calling them "special". Twilight and the others regroup outside the school and try to figure out what went wrong. They reason that, since they can only channel their magic when playing music, only a counter-spell in the form of a song will break the Dazzlings' spell, making the Battle of the Bands the perfect venue.

They also decide Twilight should be the Rainbooms' new lead singer, much to Rainbow Dash's chagrin. Before Twilight retires to the school library like she did during her last visit to Canterlot High, Pinkie Pie proposes a slumber party at her house. Twilight and Sunset have a little midnight snack. That evening, as her friends enjoy themselves around her, Twilight has considerable difficulty writing a counter-spell.

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Later, after everyone falls asleep, she works on it in the kitchen and is soon joined by Sunset Shimmer. As the two bond over the similar problems they each face, Sunset is startled when Pinkie's sister Maud comes in to get a snack for Boulder.

Unfortunately, Twilight's singing is so off-key that Rainbow Dash only manages a small bit of transformation. Before long, hostility continues to grow between the Rainbooms regarding Rarity's costumes and Rainbow's insisting that the band is hers. With the Battle of the Bands starting soon, the Rainbooms soon agree to perform other songs and stall for time until Twilight can complete her spell.

In addition, they decide to keep their magic a secret from the Dazzlings for as long as possible. The Mane Event The Battle of the Bands gets underway, with Snips and Snails performing a hip-hop duet that earns only confused looks from the audience and reprimanding from Principal Celestia when they drop the microphones.

When the time comes for the Rainbooms to perform, Rarity takes the stage in a hippie-inspired outfit with metal fringes. During their performance of Shake Your Tailother competitors try to sabotage them: Photo Finish and the Snapshots manipulate Rarity's movement with a magnet, and Snips and Snails take advantage of Fluttershy's stage fright by holding a spotlight over her.

The Dazzlings performing "Under Our Spell". The Rainbooms manage to advance to the next round, but they continue to squabble over petty issues. Later, even Flash Sentry starts to show hostility toward Twilight, considering her to be an enemy because she is on a rivaling band. As they part ways, a heartbroken Twilight walks away in tears. At the other end of the hallway, Sunset confronts the Dazzlings about their evil schemes, but the Dazzlings play to Sunset's fragile emotions and make her feel useless in her friends' eyes.

In the semifinals, the Rainbooms face Trixie and the Illusions to decide who faces the Dazzlings in the final round. However, Rainbow Dash gets carried away and starts to transform, prompting Sunset Shimmer to leap in and cut the song short. The crowd is convinced that Sunset hasn't changed, adding more fuel to the fire of hatred for the Dazzlings to feed on.

Trixie's dirty tricks Through the Dazzlings' manipulation of the principals, the Rainbooms advance to the final round instead of the Illusions. An embittered Trixie is later approached by Adagio and given the idea of removing the Rainbooms from the competition so the Illusions can take their place in the finals.

During the Rainbooms' mic check on the stage where the finals are to take place, Trixie and the Illusions arrive to carry out their plan: Spike, the only one not to become trapped, rushes off to find help. The magic of friendship is what it's all about my hoof. That night, the Illusions perform in the finals following the Rainbooms' supposed forfeit. Afterward, the Dazzlings take the stage for their final performance and continue feeding off the crowd.

mane 6 meet their human counterparts lyrics

Below the stage, tempers and tensions finally boil over between the Rainbooms and a five-way argument breaks out, allowing the Dazzlings on stage to feed on their hatred. Sunset notices what's happening and finally intervenes, pointing out that their arguing has warped the magic of friendship into something that the Dazzlings can feed on.

Twilight is ashamed that she hadn't realized it sooner, and Sunset tells her no one is supposed to have all the answers, but friends can help you find them. The Rainbooms thus make amends and finally come to a compromise, and Spike arrives to rescue them with the help of DJ Pon-3whose headphones shielded her from the Dazzlings' spell.

As the Rainbooms watch from atop a hill, wondering how their song can reach the crowd, DJ Pon-3 arrives with further assistance: The Rainbooms start to play their counter-spell song over the Dazzlings' song and take on half-pony forms with colors similar to that of the Mane Six's Rainbow Power.

mane 6 meet their human counterparts lyrics

Refusing to be stopped, the Dazzlings summon astral versions of their true siren forms and manage to overpower the Rainbooms. As the Rainbooms fall, Twilight's microphone rolls next to Sunset Shimmer's feet, and Twilight says they need her help. Sunset finds new resolve and, upon removing her jacket, starts to sing.

Before long, the rest of the Rainbooms join her, and their combined magic creates a rainbow shockwave that weakens the Dazzlings and severs their spell over everyone, much to Adagio's disbelief.