Rs09 meet and greet parking gatwick reviews of london

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rs09 meet and greet parking gatwick reviews of london

Answer 11 of Any suggestions on a reputable Gatwick Meet & Greet service? London. Level Contributor. 4 posts. 3 reviews. Re: Gatwick Meet & Greet. Do you agree with Official Gatwick Parking's TrustScore? 8 reviews. London, GB. Star 1. Star 2. Star 3. Star 4. Star 5. 20 Dec . Trev and Dave on tour. We then sent a car into a company called RS09 UK Services LTD, also operating out of Gatwick Airport. They promised a 'safe and secure storage area' and.

I am such a massive Meteor fan and loyal customer.

rs09 meet and greet parking gatwick reviews of london

I made one HUGE mistake last week. I was in a rush and didn't look for reviews or I would have seen yours. Via Google, I found myself on the ' compareparkingdeals. The cheapest option was "Meet Park Fly" and I booked it. Drop-off was no problem. The driver took a really long time to fill out his paperwork, really struggling to copy reg plate and write down mileage, but we had plenty of time before our check-in so we were patient. Collection was where the real problems began. I called as we collected our last suitcase.

The flustered sounding controller told me where to meet the driver and I asked him to confirm twice as it was different to drop off.

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When I asked a third time if the pick-up was different to drop off, he realised he was describing the wrong terminal. Lots of other weary travellers getting into their cars with other companies.

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I called again after 10 mins and was told there was traffic. More people came and drove off in their cars, we waited. I called again to have an older sounding Indian man bark something unintelligible and hang up on me, twice. Then I called again to ask what the problem was and I was told nothing other than I had to be 'more patient'.

rs09 meet and greet parking gatwick reviews of london

After 45 mins, a car bearing no similarity in colour, registration, make or model pulled up and sat for 10 mins with the engine running. We decided it was time for our own little survey. We booked six cars in with six different companies, at three major airports. Each car was fitted with a tracking device which told us whether it actually went to the car park they said it would and crucially, whether it stayed there.

In fact, every time we checked on our car the gate was open and the car park was even left unsecure at night.

rs09 meet and greet parking gatwick reviews of london

Our car was immediately driven to a place with a fence, a gate, and a CCTV camera, but 24 hours later, our car was driven by what we can only assume is an RS09 employee to a residential address in Crawley. It then stayed there for eleven hours overnight, before being taken back to the car park.

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So what about the other two airports we tried? Then there was Luton. Although we put two cars in with two separate companies, Stress Free Parking Ltd and Swift Airport Parking Ltd, they were both taken to the same car park.

rs09 meet and greet parking gatwick reviews of london

The whole point is to have it visible as a deterrent and there is none visible. As a piece of waste ground it was fine, as a secure car park, totally inadequate. Sky One Parking is operating at Gatwick Airport for last five years and very well-known and popular amongst its customers. This is our utmost priority to park the vehicles in a very safe manner. Due to the holiday season our parking facilities are over flowed unexpectedly with large number of vehicles.

To overcome this issue and to make sure that we provide the uninterrupted service to our valued customers, we acquired an extra yard temporarily to accommodate a small number of vehicles.