Gamer relationship goals

20 Video Game Couple Cosplays That Are #RelationshipGoals

gamer relationship goals

relationship goals ( The mark of a true gamer is spending half your time deciding which game to play before ultimately playing. Explore Pamela's board "GAMER COUPLE GOALS" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Videogames, Games and Video Games. One minute, they're all “I just want a girl who is a gamer, like me, a boy who These couples are, of course, the famous Relationship Goals.

I didn't spend too much time getting cable management beautiful from underneath, but from the front it's invisible - so that's all I really care about.

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Bungees and stuff hold all the power bricks up off the floor, and we can get them out easily if we ever need to move anything around. The 'before' setup just felt a little too cramped, even though this is basically the widest desk anyone sells. Most of it is just 4x4 lumber, because I wanted it to be stout enough to handle the 8' span without any droop, especially with my big heavy PC on top it handles it perfectly.

Then I did some stain on them to make them somewhat match the laminate flooring top that we picked out - followed by a few coats of poly. The back brackets were some IKEA brackets that were big enough to let the top sit out from the wall 3" - for the lights to glow back there and enough room to put in arms if we decide to go that route.

gamer relationship goals

I didn't want the desk any thicker than it needed to be, so the 'top' actually sits down in the 4x4 so that it is flush. I was thinking about doing it with some kind of solid wood, but they make some cool flooring options, and flooring is really durable.

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Also, it makes everything pretty easy - and hey if we ever get bored of this 'pattern' we can simply swap the flooring, haha. I spend most of my time here at my standing desk, where I work. I see people post this 'dog tax' thing - so here is one of our dogs and the beautiful wife. Mike and Atreyu Here is the other dog, who doesn't like being a 'lap dog' haha.

gamer relationship goals

Let me know if you have any questions! Like, can I just order pre-made Journey shawls online, or are these two just insane costume designers?

Relationship Goals - Gamer Edition

Someone let me know! Maybe out of anyone on this list, these two girls are just owning their costumes.


Any cosplayer should take a page out of their notebook. Even the Great Fairy brings up bad memories for all those times I had to look at those stray fairies seriously, they were weird. God, I can still hear the screams You know what I am wishing for and honestly expecting at this point? The only thing better than bringing these two together would also be letting Indiana Jones get in on this, but that seems a little less likely.

I kind of never wanted to bring that word up, really ever again in my lifetime at least in this context but there are few words as appropriate for this entry. Despite not knowing what they actually look like, these two are absolutely adorable.


I almost want to know every detail of how this even went down, like was this just some regular old event and these two just showed up decked out in this Portal cosplay? The only thing that could make this better is these two walking down the aisle and getting married with these costumes on.

These two rolled up to this con decked out in their Mario costumes, and I gotta say that they look just as cute as any of the entries here. I especially love that this guy is rocking a mustache just like our favorite plumber, and that this gal is wearing that dainty yet iconic Peach crown.