Push and pull relationship strategy marketing

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push and pull relationship strategy marketing

Simply put, a push strategy is to push a product at a customer, while a pull strategy pulls while pull strategy is about creating an ongoing relationship with the brand. Like any marketing strategy or initiative, push and pull strategies require. What are push, pull and profile strategies? Push, Pull and Profile are the 3 P's in an organisations marketing communications strategy. A Push strategy promotes. A push promotional strategy involves taking the product directly to the of mouth referrals; Customer relationship management; Sales promotions and discounts.

Since the focus is on taking the product to the consumer, it is particularly suited to products that the consumer is not yet aware of. This style of marketing can be used by companies large and small.

push and pull relationship strategy marketing

A new shoe store might send out mailers to all the residents in the area, while an established pharmaceutical company might blanket the airwaves with TV ads for a new drug. Most companies will employ a push strategy in conjunction with other marketing techniques. For instance, companies will often run TV ads and also maintain an official company website.

The TV ads push customers towards the products, while the website pulls them deeper into the company's offerings. Push Marketing in Action Nintendo — At E3, the video game industry's largest trade convention, Nintendo hired brand ambassadors to work at their booth.

push and pull relationship strategy marketing

The ambassadors were there to show attendees new games, answer their questions, and introduce them to a new gaming system. Nintendo hired this army of short term staff to aggressively push their games towards consumers with a helpful, human face. Dunkin Donuts — The doughnut maker distributed coupons to mobile phone users in the Boston area.

push and pull relationship strategy marketing

They sent the coupons to people who had opted into a program after responding to ads run on radio stations and online. The company saw a huge number of people redeem the coupon and try one of their new products because they provided an easy incentive. The company began looking for other ways to market nontraditional uses for classic products. If they could push new uses on consumers, they could increase demand.

push and pull relationship strategy marketing

Saks Fifth Avenue — Any time a user downloads the luxury retailers mobile app, they are enrolled into a program to begin receiving mobile notifications about sales, new products, and in-store events. A strong and visible brand is needed to ensure the success of a pull strategy.

Spark Attraction Using Push-Pull

The different ways a company can use a pull strategy to promote a brand include: Advertising strategies that include mass media promotion of a product Customer relationship management that makes existing customers aware of new products that will fill a specific need Referrals Sales promotions and discounts Using these strategies will create a demand for the product.

With that demand, retailers will be encouraged to seek out the product and stock it on their shelves. For instance, Apple successfully uses pull strategies to launch iPhones or iPads. Likewise, music has also fallen under pull strategies due to digitization and the emergence of social networking websites.

Music platforms such as iTunes, Grooveshark and Spotify are reflective of the power shift from providers to consumers.

Pull Marketing | What is Pull Marketing?

Get them into your store or onto your website and sell to them directly. You can encourage this by advertising specials on specific items, having promotional displays outside of your physical location, or even through something as basic as good word-of-mouth advertising. The items will advertise themselves and tempt people into a purchase when they have a need that your product can specifically solve.

Low shelf items are seen as discounted and cheap.

Push, Pull & Profile Strategies

Upper shelf items are seen as premium, high quality items. Where do you want your products to be?

push and pull relationship strategy marketing

What Does Your Packaging Say? The packaging of your products can push and pull people at the same time. The text and images on the packaging can be specifically designed to speak volumes about the satisfaction that someone will receive.