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The Problems The History The Self or Ego The Physics The Neuroscience Agency . Nicolas Gisin is an experimental physicist who has extended the tests of quantum The perfect nonlocal correlation of distant spin states suggests that widely separated measurements of electrons in an entangled spin state at velocities. e-mail: However, the situation summarized by the correlation p(a,b|x,y) .. Gilder, L.: The Age of Entanglement. Researchers have demonstrated the entanglement between 16 can be entangled and intertwined by a very strong quantum relationship even in a macroscopic structure. a member of Professor Nicolas Gisin's applied physics group. . reflect those of ScienceDaily, its staff, its contributors, or its partners.

Since he has been Director of the Department of Applied Physics. Gisin has published a popular book in which he explains without mathematics, but also without hiding the difficult concepts, modern quantum physics and some of its fascinating applications.

A single photon reveals quantum entanglement of 16 million atoms

His main hobby is field-hockey. He played at the top Swiss level and was president of Servette HC from tobringing his club to become the largest in Switzerland. This was followed by further experiments, ever strengthening the conclusion by excluding more and more sophisticated alternative models to quantum theory. In the early s he was first in demonstrating quantum teleportation over long distances.

The previous breakthroughs would not have been possible without single-photon detectors compatible with telecommunication optical fibres. When Gisin entered the field such detectors did not exist.

Today, thanks to Gisin and his group at the University of Geneva, [25] single-photon detectors at telecom wavelengths are commercially available, with IDQ the uncontestable world leader. Our information based society rests on the possibility to communicate in confidence. This requires lots of random numbers and ways to distribute them among distant partners. IDQ is exploiting the quantum information technologies developed by Nicolas Gisin for providing solutions to precisely these needs.

Several banks and other institutions, in several countries and continents, have now adopted this ultra-secure cryptographic technology. To go further one needs quantum memories and repeaters.

A single photon reveals quantum entanglement of 16 million atoms

His group invented an original quantum memory protocol using rare earth doped crystals [26] and used it to demonstrate the first solid state quantum memory. How large can entangled objects be?

Nicolas Gisin - Quantum Correlations

Gisin also has explored the paradoxical interpretations of his nonlocality experiments. The perfect nonlocal correlation of distant spin states suggests that information is traveling between the two widely separated measurements of electrons in an entangled spin state at velocities greater than the speed of light.

This is of course impossible, but Gisin speculates that some "influence" may be affecting both experiments coming from "outside space and time. This is of course because the collapse of probabilities is instantaneous not therefore "in time? If there were such influences, they might provide an explanation for deterministic theories, "some sort of hyper-determinism that would make all Science an illusion," says Gisin.

We have seen that any proper violation of a Bell inequality implies that all possible future theories have to predict nonlocal correlations. In this sense it is Nature that is nonlocal. But how can that be? How does Nature perform the trick? Leaving aside some technical loopholes, like a combination of detection and locality loopholes, the obvious answer, already suggested by John Bell, is that there is some hidden communication going on behind the scene.

A first meaning of "behind the scene" could be "beyond today's physics", in particular beyond the speed limit set by relativity.

Nicolas Gisin

We have seen how this interesting idea can be experimentally tested and how difficult it is to combine this idea with no-signaling.

Hence, it is time to take seriously the idea that Nature is able to produce nonlocal correlations. There are several ways of formulating this: Somehow God plays dice with nonlocal die: