Magcon preferences how you meet your husband

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magcon preferences how you meet your husband

See more ideas about Shawn mendes imagines, Magcon and Magcon boys. caught-dreaming: “allisimpson: “just posting this again cause you know ” I like a man in a uniform but I like a .. Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran meeting. Find this. You're my everything! Jacob Magcon Boys, Magcon Family, Future Husband, Jacob Sartorius Hair, Jacob Jacob Sartorius Quotes, Jacob Sartorius Imagines, When Jacob's bae forever but you know you'll probably never meet him. Read # You Fangirl Over Someone from the story magcon preferences ✓ by unbiasedlex "Dylan! You know, my future husband," you said in a duh tone. +.

He is into glasses. You can tie him up. He always rakes his sweet time. Da cute noises and faces. What does he say when he wants you in his bed?

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C'mon sweetcheeks, I want to whisper sweet nothings into your pants. I think it is time Oh to hell with this. I need you now! Babygirl, there is something I gotta do to you, upstairs.

Lil' mama, it is you and me time! You, bae, are comming with me! Sweetiepie, I wana fricklefrackle! I'm going to do sweet thing to you! Let us now dance the horizontal tango. I want you so bad babygirl. P-please, let's do something only we know.

Time we do the nasty pumpkin! I shall now make sweet sweet love to thee. Cupcake, time for bed business. On which point in your relationship did you get preggers? After a couple of married years.

In our first year of marriage. We waited quite long actually, when we were both mid 20's. In our third year together. After our first wedding aniversary. After several years of marriage. Four years after the wedding. You concieved in the wedding night.

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After just a few months of being together. You were together for three years. You married after 2,5 years of relationship, you were 3 months pregnant at the time.

After four years relationship. What was your line in telling him? You and I have been together for a while now Our love has produced it's fruits. You'll be a real daddy soon. Well, we've moved another step forward! Really, like, for real? OMG, you'll be such a wonderful mom. This can't be real! I must be dreaming, pinch me. I should call my mom now.

OMG I'll be a dad! That is amazing babygirl! The crown on our love.

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That indeed is fantastic, babe! We should celebrate this! That is so great. I love you both so much! You'll be a mum and I'll be a dad and that is great! But we should totally tell your ma first. This is so amazing!

magcon preferences how you meet your husband

Bae you are the best! No worries lil mama. I'll stick to you like ductape. Guess its time for me to grow up huh? Gi Mellani and from now on both of you. I couldn't be happier! Most beautiful thing he did for you during your pregnancy? We spend at least 24 picking a name for the baby and we had so much fun. He made a Harry Potter themed nurcery, all by himself!

Showing the ultrasound to the most randomass people. Doing all the chores so you can rest. Organising a HUGE babyshower. He took massaging workshops and he massaged you like a friggen master! So, due to the circumstances, Shawn looked especially attractive.

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I walked up to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. I raised my eyebrow, and then I think he got it. We never get Mommy and Daddy time. That always got him.

magcon preferences how you meet your husband

I scrunched up my nose. Shawn made a hitching noise, walking towards me and picking me up. I laughed and straddled him on the bed. That only went on for about two and a half minutes. I ran my hands through his hair, smiling into the kiss, when there was a baby cry on the monitor.

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I pushed Shawn off me, not meaning it as harshly as it seemed. It was just a reflex. Carefully we sneaked inside the kitchen. He pulled a chair so I could seat and then he fetched a big bag full of candies and chocolate. He emptied it in front of me and sat in the chair next to mine.

I watched as he opened a jar of peanut butter, but then he took a bit of it in his hand and smashed it in my cheek. I closed my eyes in anger as I heard him chuckling. Soon, we were all covered in food and so was the floor and everything around us, I headed toward him with a big spoon full of Nutella and smashed it in his nose but before I could notice he grabbed my arms and made us fall to the floor. He slowly came closer and I looked at him and smiled.

He closed his eyes and I did the same. He finally cut all the remaining distance between us joining me into a sweet kiss. His hands were in my waist and mines were circling his neck. Damn, he was a great kisser.